Sunday, 13 May 2012

FEMININO ;Oestrogens

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hormones -The introduction

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I hope today's post will matter to you..,as the caption reads "Hormones 101" ,this post is going to be a part of a few series..!
I hope you will come on this learning spree with me.

Introducing "The female hormones"


For most of us, this list actually depicts the decreasing order of how well we know these hormones!
Also I believe someone is there thinking TESTOSTERONE??!! what is she thinking about..and now I say lets not worry each of these hormones would get their time to shine starting with little Miss Popular : OESTROGEN to be posted on 10th May.
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Thursday, 12 April 2012

What comes out of you?

Today, I want to shed some extra light on what comes out of you??
Hmm I bet someone just said "what is she talking about?"

Ok I am talking about what comes out of the female genital tract(vagina).

Some of us have been privileged to have listened somewhere or read somewhere what the characteristics(texture,quantity,color,scent etc) of the normal female vaginal discharge should actually be like on the other hand more of us haven't been down that road before.
So, for those who already know, you might still discover something and for those who do not, lets travel the road of learning together!

First, you need to know that the term VAGINAL DISCHARGE doesn't necessarily refer to a disease!
It just means something coming out of the female genital tract.

Secondly, you need to know that the basic function of the vagina is the work of a "passage"from the outside into the female internal organs (uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries).

What you need to remember:
-Various changes in the female's organism affects the characteristics of the vaginal discharge e.g menstrual cycle, pregnancy ,stress, pills, sexual arousal, diet and breastfeeding. All these changes can affect hormonal balances(you know the female organism is a truck full of hormones!!)

Let me focus on the key characteristics that should be a rule of the thumb.

-Color: Should be thick white or clear more fluid variant or maybe yellowish when dry (this variability is due to different phases of menstrual cycle)
-Scent: mild scent or none at all.
-Texture: maybe sticky,pasty or stretchy (also depends on phase of menstrual cycle)
-Volume: from very little to alot especially after exercise ,arousal or during ovulation.
-Absolutely painless ,no discomfort.

Something is most probably wrong when:
-Color: is yellowish or greenish or color suddenly changes from being normal to any other shade(an exception brownish looking discharge shortly after menses is a cleaning mechanism..,also spotting with blood can occur mid-cycle or during pregnancy ,so don't worry about that!)
-Scent: is strong,foul smelling or smells "fishy".
-Texture: clumpy or lump cheese like.
-Volume:sudden and constant increase in volume especially when any of the above is present.
-Presence of itching,burning or rash elements.
These abnormalities may indicate vaginitis(inflammation of the vagina) which can be caused by various pathogens. Relatively common infections are bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections(monilla), and trichomoniasis. Irritations of the vagina that can  lead to abnormal discharge may also be caused by douches, deodorant sprays, perfumed soaps, sex, allergies, and changing hormone levels. (refer to my previous post on hygiene here)

NB; Do not self diagnose .Consult your doctor if any of these changes occur.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Most people after reading the header of this post will think.."why hygiene?of course we all know how to take care of ourselves plus we learnt from the very best teachers -our mothers!"

Yes I totally agree but the aim of this post is not to dispute our current knowledge but a hope to cement it while shedding some extra light.
P.s I would use the term "woman" to represent the female gender in totality.
Did you know that the female genital tract has its own cleaning and protective mechanism?
Did you know not all bacterium are bad?

Yes,it does!

I won't try to bore you with some medical stories but get my message across as simply and accurately as possible.

At some point I believe every woman has observed some form of discharge (excluding menses) at some point.
P.s; not all mucus discharge is normal .I will discuss this in a later post.

This mucus discharge is one of the cleaning and protective mechanisms of the female genital tract!
Also there is a "friendly" bacteria (that is the good kind of bacteria) called "Lactobacillus" now that's the soldier that keeps most bad guys away!

These 2 above mechanisms keep the vaginal pH between 3.8-4.5 which is acidic and doesn't allow bad bacterium survive.

-wash with water and mild soaps only!!..nothing harsh.
-wash only the outer not dig deep,..nature takes care of that on its own!
-wipe from front to back to avoid contaminating your genitals with bacteria from the anus(those guys are bad guys!)
-avoid tight underwear...let it get some cool air.

-douche..absolutely no!! It's just going to send the good and the bad bacteria packing!! then it becomes survival of the fittest whoever gets back there first owns the grounds..
-avoid fragrances or powders in the enough times with good underwear is adequate to keep bad odor away.

-eat healthy
-cut down sugar ( I like to use the explanation that bacteria likes "sweet blood" it's food for them)
-youghurt with active  bacteria (good for the intestines too!)
-barrier during intercourse or avoid multiple partners( just be smart and think of your health)

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